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Gusteaux's Cajun Seasoning
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The Gusteaux's Story
We had lived in Southwestern Louisiana all our lives until an unexpected natural disaster changed everything. We decided to start over in a new area and moved to northeast Arkansas. Moving was something we would not regret. Arkansas is such a beautiful place and the people here are friendlier than we could ever imagine. But we discovered that so many people were missing out on something that we Cajuns are famous for, flavorful cooking. We decided that the best way to share that part of our heritage was by making our own unique seasoning. Now you too can enjoy our all purpose seasoning on anything- eggs, fish and other seafood, chicken, vegetables, and of course steaks and other cuts of meats. It will even liven up your favorite casseroles.

Try it and taste the difference Gusteaux’s makes in all your favorite dishes!

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